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Women’s Volleyball Recruiting Guidelines | Average Height by ...

Average height of college volleyball player: 6’0” Average height range: 53% of players 6’0” and over; Club experience: Open-level playing experience; Division 2. Average volleyball player height: 5’10” Average height range: 19.8% of athletes are 6’0” and taller; 61% of athletes are between 5’9” and 5’11”

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Libero volleyball skills and recruiting guidelines. Division 1; top Division 2. Average height range: 5’8”–6’2”. Club experience: 3–5 years elite club experience. High school experience: 2–4 year varsity starter. Division 2; top Division 3. Average height range: 5’8”–6’1”. Club experience: 2–5 years national/elite club experience.

DS/Libero | Women's Volleyball Positional Guidelines | Go Big ...

D3/JUCO DS/Libero Physical Measurables: Height: 5'0" - 5'8" Coach Keys: Club experience preferred by not required; Good lateral quickness

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Fonte Bastardo Azores: 191 cm (6.27 ft) The average volleyball player is 196,02 cm (6.43 ft). Some volleyball players retire, and they are replaced by young players, so the average height keeps changing. As a rule of thumb, we should assume that it might be 195 cm-197 cm. It’s about 15 cm than the average man’s height.

Libero Height | Volley Talk

Smaller outside hitters are converting more and more to the libero spot. Liberos seem to average about 6 feet, while many of them are under but still there are your big ones like Rich Lambourne (6'5") Lambourne is more like 6' 3" but the rest of your post is spot on.

Women's Volleyball Recruiting Guidelines

The average characteristics by position are below: Libero/Defensive Specialist Height (5'0"-5'8") Vertical 18"+ Middle Hitter Height (5'9"-6'1") Block Jump 9'2" Approach Jump 9'6"+

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Answer (1 of 5): Hello! A libero can be any height. Typically, liberos are shorter as they tend to be quicker and closer to the ground allowing them to pick up more balls.

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The position of libero/defensive specialist has the lowest height requirement for the NCSA. Tier one players must be at least 5 feet tall. The range tier 1 is 5 feet, 5 inches to 6 feet for upper levels and 5 feet, 5 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches for mid-lower levels.