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Urban Dictionary: tennis anyone?

tennis anyone? What rich, spoiled, white people say with a sweater wrapped around their neck holding a tennis racket before a round of tennis.

Urban Dictionary: tennis ball

When a girl is wearing tight shorts(sometimes pants) and have not shaved, leaving round puffy tennis ball shaped pubes around her vagina

Urban Dictionary: anyone*

The asterisk(*) is used as shorthand after 'anyone' or any other indefinite pronoun to clarify that you're speaking ONLY to the persons present on whatever social media platform you're posing the current question, which avoids constantly having to specify "anyone ON HERE" and thus avoiding smart-arse replies.

Urban Dictionary: anyones

Of the most stuperior quality. Opposite of the oofala. OP 1: Hi everyone! So I've been literally searching everywhere but could not find any website where people offer constructive feedback for other people's musical work.

Urban Dictionary: 90's

Drifting around a turn at 90mph\kph depending on who you ask. Commonly misunderstood and taken literally by listeners of the song "running in the 90's" from initial D.

THE WOODPRESS | Woody's Random Ramblings

Woodcast 7 06-21-20 – Tennis Fun, Fox Outfoxed. On CANADA DAY, the 8th Woodcast dropped, examining a dumber and dumber awkward world. Woodcast 8 07-01-20 O Canada Daze. The Woodcast, now available on Spotify and iTunes and currently dealing with a sering hiccup on Google Podcasts. That’s my focus as we move forward on the content as well.

Emma Raducanu pictures | Page 3 | Tennis Forum

1) n. a name for anyone (stereotypically used by male surfters/skaters but now accepted by any race, sex, religion, and wealth) 2) n. something that's just so awesomly cool, amazingly kick ass 3) ?. a way to start a conversation 4) replacing "um" or "like" in any sentence

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15.41 EDT. David Cameron accuses Ed Balls of ‘masosadism’. It all started off as an ordinary prime minister’s questions – the normal quips between the leaders, the questions, and the bad ...

In praise of urban dictionaries | Books | The Guardian

Tennis MLB MLS NBA NHL ... Urban Dictionary has 5.7m. Anyone can contribute and plenty do: it receives 2,000 new submissions for potential inclusion every day and 15m unique visits every month ...

Take an epic trip through ‘00s slang with these 6 terms

One entry in Urban Dictionary describes it as “The Glorious lack of success.” ... So don’t let anyone shame you about how often you use “lit” or “shook.” ... Women's Tennis