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"unsporting behavior" - this includes hard fouls; holding an opponent or deliberately handling the ball for the purpose of preventing an opponent from ... dissent by word or actions, persistently breaking the rules, delaying the restart of play, defenders failing to stay the proper distance away ...

Official Soccer Rules For Yellow Cards: You Must Know 2021

In soccer, you can only get two yellow cards in one game. If you get two yellow cards for ...

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Soccer Red Card Rules - Official With Examples 2021

If you do this, you’ll get a red card in soccer. 6. Spitting at someone. Spitting at someone is a red card in soccer. It should go without saying that there’s no place in soccer for spitting. If you spit at someone, the referee won’t hesitate to give you a red card. 7. Getting a second yellow card. In soccer, getting 2 yellow cards equals a red card.

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Soccer Cards. There are 2 colors of "cards" which the referee will hold up to indicate serious fouls or behavior which won't be tolerated. He carries these cards in his shirt pocket, so if he reaches for his pocket it's a bad sign for the player who committed the foul. These cards are about the size of a playing card and one is yellow and the other is red.

The 17 Soccer Rules Explained (Laws of the Game)

Soccer Rules. Rule #1 - The Field of Play. Rule #2 - The Ball. Rule #3 - The Number of Players. Rule #4 - The Player’s Equipment. Rule #5 - The Referee. Rule #6 - The Assistant Referees. Rule #7 - The Duration of the Match. Rule #8 - The Start and Restart of Play.

17 Basic Rules of Soccer

• When an action results in a caution or a “yellow card” from the referee. A referee may warn a player to improve his conduct before a caution is issued. • When an action results in a player being ejected from the game, a “red card”. The referee has the authority to “red card” coaches or spectators because of misconduct


A soccer player or bench personnel is considered “ejected” upon receiving a straight Red Card (NF Rule 12-8-2) and shall be ineligible for all contests for the remainder of that day. In addition, the student shall be ineligible for all contests at all levels in soccer until two regular season/tournament contests are played at the same level


b. No player is allowed to slide tackle. Players who persist in doing so will be issued a yellow card, along with the players' coach. 1.4 Rosters a) Rosters are due by team’s 1 st game of the season. b) All team roster will consist of a maximum of 20 players and must contain the following information