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Soccer field lighting just became more convenient than ever. Any soccer field, no matter the level of play, can be lit with long-lasting and efficient LED fixtures. The fastest way to obtain lighting for your soccer field is to request a photometric analysis from Access Fixtures.

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Soccer field lighting needs to be mounted properly on poles. The US Soccer Foundation recommends always using galvanized steel poles and mounting assemblies. To mount just two fixtures on a metal pole requires a light angle iron cross arm for metal poles. This is for use with the all the soccer field lighting fixtures sold.

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How Many Lumens to Light a Soccer Field? A standard metal halide floodlight for soccer is generally 2000W with a brightness of about 200K lumens. This means that for each watt, this MH bulb can offer a brightness of 100 lumens. For any lighting needs, it is always recommended to consult with an expert electrician.

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Since soccer field lighting is often mounted on a high pole, replacing bulbs is a time consuming and labor-intensive process. Thus, lighting that lasts a long time and is resistant to impact, weather, and dust-related damage is important. AEON LED Luminaires for Soccer Field Lighting AEON LED Luminaires feature the right technology to adequately light soccer fields.

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Soccer field lighting tends to be on the cooler side of things, usually in the 5000K range. This provides the most neutral experience for the in-stadium spectators; elevates the players’ level of attention and arousal; and looks the best on video.

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Simply put, a lumen is the amount of light that radiates from a lighting device such as an LED football field light. The amount of light that reaches the desired surface is called a foot candle. This is an essential consideration as you will want to know how many lumens you need to achieve a foot-candle, or in simplified terms how much light do you want to reach a specified point.

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How many lumens does it take to light a soccer field? How many lumens is a stadium light? Stadiums are the last holdout market because of the high intensity light they need. Street lighting requires a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 lm per fixture. How many lumens light do I need? A sitting room or […]

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For sports lighting, we recommend Lentry Light models with extra tall (XT-height) LEDs. Lighting a soccer field, in the pouring rain, with Lentry Light Model 1STARX. The man in the distance (above) felt he could see well enough to play soccer while this far away from the remote area light. Note that the Lentry Light was unaffected by the POURING rain.

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The European norm for a soccer field foresees a grid of around 21x13 points, whereas the French football federation foresees one of 5x5 points. Maintenance factor (maintenance light level): You’ll need to include this factor in your lighting calculation to compensate for light depreciation.